Sidi Kaouki’s beach is famous among surfers of three main reasons. Firstly, due to constant northeast Passat winds, the surf is always up and glorious. Secondly, there are no hidden rocks or reefs under the surface. And lastly, at five kilometers in length, there is enough space for everyone to find their perfect spot.

Even if you are not into surfing, the beach has plenty to offer. Children and adults alike will enjoy playing in the surf and building sandcastles. Small children can play in little tide pools, which are heated by the sun to agreeable temperatures.

If you are feeling energetic, Essaouira is a four hour walk away along the beach. But even on shorter walks you will have find lots to interest you, such as the local wildlife or the vast expanse of sea.
You can also discover the beach riding horses and camels, which can be rented.
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