Renard Bleu Touareg organizes treks and cultural trips into the Moroccan Sahara in the region of Chegaga and also runs the guesthouse ‘Ryad Le Sauvage Noble’ near Zagora. The agency was founded in 2000 by nomads.

Renard Bleu Touareg's aim is to achieve socially and ecologically sustainable tourism. Previously victims of tourism, the nomads are now benefiting from the opportunities tourism offers them.

Renard Bleu Touareg was awarded the 2002 TO DO! Prize with which the German Studienkreis für Tourismus und Entwicklung honours extraordinarily sustainable tourism projects.

Excerpt from the judge’s assessment:“ a kind of tourism is practiced that is well suited to the environment it finds itself in, one that provides an authentic insight into the culture and lifestyle of the nomadic people of the Nouaji tribe, and one that enables intercultural communication. This concept is hugely beneficial in multiple ways to the nomads of the region.”

At our guesthouses - ‘Ryad Le Sauvage Noble’ and Villa Néréide Villa Néréide - we aim to recreate the spirit and hospitality of our treks.
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